Canyon, Texas

Embryo Package

When planning an embryo transfer, there are specific forms that must be filed with the mare’s breed registry. It is your responsibility to complete all of the necessary paperwork. Check with your horse’s registry, the American Quarter Horse Association or the American Paint Horse Association, to determine which information you must complete. 

The Embryo Transfer Price List should answer most questions concerning prices of our embryo transfer program. We require a $500.00 transfer fee to be paid in advance. You have the option of supplying us with a credit card to charge this fee upon arrival of the embryo, you can place a check inside the equitainer with the embryo, or you can prepay prior to shipping. If you bring your mare to us for flushing no pre-payment is necessary. 

The Mare Fax Reservation Form is required for you or your veterinarian to complete for all shipped embryos. To ensure you will have a recipient mare available for your embryo, please follow all instructions carefully and fax this form to 806-488-2305. This form does not apply to any mares being bred and flushed at our hospital. 

The Mare Lease Agreement is a copy for your review only. We will complete this form and mail it to you when we detect a heartbeat in your embryo. You must sign and remit payment for each leased mare prior to picking up the mare.